the mysteries hidden in
Madame Noor’s

Surprise your team with a unique and entertaining
team building digital experience.

Discover the
hidden in
Madame Noor’s

Surprise your team with a unique and
entertaining team building digital experience.

An Online Team Building Experiencee for your team to develop amusing memories together.

They have already trusted Cohesionist with their team.

Connect and create community within your organization in a fun way, online.

Would you like to build up your workforce contact capabilities?

Build personal connections and bonds between those within your organization by generating amazing and unforgettable moments with our live action role play in Madame Noir’s mansion. Each session is unique and built for the participants, one of a kind.

Winter Solstice at Madame Noor Manor

would you like
to improve your team’s communication at work?

Bring down the invisible walls hindering your team’s communication capabilities, with our team building activity at the mansion while getting to know each other better out of the everyday workplace setting and in a humorous tone.

  • Bring down the walls for better communication with our team building exercise.

  • Reconnect your team with our activity in a safe and relax space.

  • Strengthen your team’s corporate culture.

Winter Solstice at Madame Noor Manor

Do you need to
strengthen your
working environment?

Nourish the people and reinforce their links with the organization while engaging in a fun and unique experience.

Winter Solstice at Madame Noor Manor
A unique online team building experience that strengthens groups cohesion by offering:

  • Emotional wellbeing.
  • A sense on unity.
  • Compromise towards the organization.

Winter Solstice at Madame Noor Manor


What happens during the experience?

Winter Solstice at Madame Noor’s Manor is an online team building activity in which participants attend a party at Madame Noor’s. There they’ll have to jointly resolve the enigmas taking place. A live action role playing adventure, to be interpreted as one of the Clue like characters.

How is it organized?

The team participants choose the type of online team building experience they wish to take part of. Then they’ll receive an email with the information on the character they are to portray. The online game is directed by our facilitation team, who will conduct the narrative course of the experience.

Which tools are used?

We use our own entertaining virtual environment that allows participants to freely move around and interact with the environment and between themselves by proximity like in real life. Our goal is maximize interaction between the team, No more boring Zoom meetings in which only one person can talk.

What do I need to play?

A computer with high speed internet connection, headphones with a microphone, desire to have fun and enjoy playing with your teammates.

How long?

It will be about two hours maximum of Gamyfied online experience. One the experience is over you’ll have time to share your anecdotes whiting the space during the session.

What if there are more than 30 of us?

This particular experience is designed for a maximum total of 35 participants. Contact our design team in order to find the available options for more people and personalized experiences.

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