Digital experiences to connect people at work

  • Create high-performance hybrid or distributed teams.

  • Boost Psychological Safety at Your Workplace reducing the appearance of conflicts, loneliness, etc.

  • Train people soft skills: effective communication, collaboration, problem-solving, agility, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership.

  • Build a strong culture organization.

Do you recognize these symptoms on your team?

Loss of personal contact, tiredness, isolation and anxiety.

Disconnection with the organization.

Inefficient communication between people.

It is increasingly difficult to disconnect from work on a day-to-day basis.

Cohesionist is a technological platform for the development of «soft skills» that helps organizations, both hybrid and distributed using gamified inmersive learning experience. 

Who already trusted us?

Gamified Experiential Learning

Using person-to-person interaction and role playing dinamics. Surprise your team with activities that improve people soft skills: collaboration, creativity, leadership, confidence, etc. In a fun and safe context.

Ask about our predefined experiences or if you prefer we design one tailored to your team.

Groups of 10 persons

Benefits for your team

  • 100% digital, 100% safe: channels change but people are still there.

  • Improves people emotional well-being.

  • Work on team spirit in a fun way.


People will feel cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally, improving their productivity.


We facilitate communication between people in the team, group, and organization improving agility and fostering innovation.


We improve employer branding, reinforce the organization’s culture and sense of belonging.

We facilitate people bondind within your organization.

Improve your employer branding to attract the best talent.

The Experiences

Choose the option that suits best your organization’s needs…

Basic Experience

Person/event from

  • Choose your experience from our predefined activities.
  • Facilitation of the event.
  • Relevant post-event insights.

Recommended for recurring events: Town Hall, All Hands, Networking, department meetings, etc.

Pro Experience

Person/event from

  • Choose your experience from our predefinedour predefined activities.

  • Facilitation of the event.

  • Relevant post-event insights.

  • Physical connector/object * aligned with the experience to make it memorable.

Recommended for special occasions: Christmas, Summer parties, Winter Solstice, October Fest, etc.

Premium Experience

Persona/evento desde

  • We design your tailored experience.

  • Facilitation of the event.

  • Relevant post-event insights.

  • Physical connector/object * aligned with the experience to make it memorable

Recommended for specific events: Strategic Summits, Managers Congresses and management meeting.

We design personalized experiences.

To facilitate communication, prevent conflicts, reinforce people’s commitment and the organization’s culture.

Team Building

Do you want to improve collaboration between different departments?

Are there new people on your team and you don’t know them?

Would you like to find out what your colleagues do in the innovation department?

Choose your experience from our predefined list or ask about creating a tailored one.

A fun way to meet your peers, develop soft skills, etc.

Sessions from 10 to 600 people

Cluedo Digital

Winter Solstice at Madame Noor Manor is a hilarious experience in which you become a character in a story.

You will put your collaboration, leadership and creative thinking skills at 100% to solve the mysteries of this party.

Groups of 10 people

Corporative Events

Town Hall, congresses or annual ¨Summit¨ to celebrate, understand the current state of the organization, collect strategic data on what are the needs for the next year; etc.

We create a digital experience aligning people caring and business objectives.

Groups from 6 people

We facilitate connection spaces.

Spaces adapted to your organization ¨momentum¨. We help align strategy and business.

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